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Sleepy Day

Sleepy Day

  • Shaktim says:
    Age plays a big part in how much a dog sleeps, too. For example, a puppy tends to sleep up to 16 to 18 hours a day, since growing up takes up a lot of energy. Older dogs spend almost the same.
  • Shakazil says:
    Excessive daytime sleepiness is characterized by persistent sleepiness and often a general lack of energy, even during the day after apparently adequate or even prolonged nighttime sleep. EDS can be considered as a broad condition encompassing several sleep disorders where increased sleep is a symptom, or as a symptom of another underlying disorder like narcolepsy, circadian rhythm sleep Specialty: Psychiatry, Neurology.
  • Goltill says:
    Aug 15,  · If you're sleepy during the day despite good sleep habits, ask your doctor whether any disorder may contribute to the problem. Also ask about any drug or .
  • Kazuru says:
    Sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition where your throat narrows or closes during sleep and repeatedly interrupts your breathing. This results in loud snoring and a drop in your blood's oxygen levels. The difficulty in breathing means you wake up often in the night and feel exhausted the next day. It's most common in overweight middle-aged men.
  • Narn says:
    Define sleepy. sleepy synonyms, sleepy pronunciation, sleepy translation, English dictionary definition of sleepy. adj. sleep·i·er, sleep·i·est 1. (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid), whether the pleasure of making a daisy-chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies.
  • Yozshuramar says:
    There’s something for everyone in Sleepy Hollow Country: haunted hayrides, Gothic mansions, blazing jack-o’-lanterns, cemetery tours, farmers markets, live music, street fairs, parades—and even the Headless Horseman centbestthatsracafonemonniphywerma.coinfoeen season is our busiest time of year, but there’s almost always something interesting to see or do. Click away at this big calendar of events in and around.
  • Maktilar says:
    Sleep apnea occurs when the upper airway collapses for at least 10 seconds during sleep -- and does so up to hundreds of times each night. Obstructive sleep apnea is the result of a blockage in.
  • Fer says:
    Mar 28,  · The symptoms: Sleep apnea is often signaled by snoring and is generally followed by tiredness the next day. Because sleep apnea can lead to .
  • Shashura says:
    During the day, people with sleep apnea often feel very sleepy. Sleep apnea can raise the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Restless legs syndrome (RLS).

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